Brides Ultimate Wedding Suite

18 Carat White Gold & Diamond Necklace & Earrings

W&W is privileged to have created this truly special wedding suite.



Inspired by Belle Epoque Jewellery design the suite was brought to life incorporating our bride and groom’s inherited, and quite beautiful, old cut Diamonds. Our aim was to create handmade pieces that can be worn on any occasion, as well as the wedding day, so the pendant detaches from the necklace giving our bride versatility.

Vintage Diamonds Reimagined…

Hand Carved Platinum & Diamond Ring

A bold juxtaposition of vintage and contemporary design



Combining hand drawn jewellery design, crafting a model in Silver, casting in Platinum and detailed hand carving, this piece was created for our client’s Vintage Diamonds.


Inspiration was drawn from Victorian style updated to incorporate strong and modern engraving, creating a narrative in the very look and feel of the finished piece.

Cushion Cut Diamond Delights..

Handmade Platinum & 18 Carat Rose Gold Diamond Ring

A striking take on the classic Diamond solitaire



Contrasting Platinum split talon claws and 18 Carat Rose Gold band set of the two Carat Cushion Cut Diamond perfectly. The Rose Gold wedding ring  shaped and inspired by natural forms complete the look.


Warmth Of Colour

18ct White Gold Gemstone Spectacle Set Bracelet

Ruby, Tsavorite, Aquamarine, Peridot & Garnet 



This unique handmade piece was a pleasure to create using hand sourced vibrant coloured gemstones Ruby, Tsavorite, Aquamarine, Peridot and Garnet.


W&W designed and illustrated this bracelet for our client to fall in love with.


Each gemstone was set in an 18ct white gold spectacle setting by our skillful goldsmiths. This is definitely a bracelet to be worn and loved all year round.

Bespoke Engagement Ring

18ct White Gold Five Stone Sapphire Ring

A contemporary interpretation of a classical design



The piece portrays a timeless air of romance with exquisite gemstones that have been chosen for their deep cool blues and greens.


For the centre of the ring a diamond cut sapphire with two diamond cut green sapphires either side, with two pear cut sapphires to make a desirable five stone ring.

Chameleon Dreams

18ct Gold Tourmaline Dress Ring

Inspired by a love of chameleons



This indulgent design brings together two chameleons holding up an incredible green tourmaline trying as if it is their prized possession.


Created by W&W using:


Scale drawings, 3D digital design and modelling to bring the design to life before creating the finished piece of sculptural jewellery in rich 18ct Gold with a powdered matt finish.

Remodelled To Perfection

18ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Remodelling once loved pieces is always a special project at W&W



For this creation we combined the diamonds from two rings, including our client’s original engagement ring, and their ideas for a new piece of jewellery.


Using scale drawings and digital design to create a contemporary interpretation of a vintage cluster ring came to life to wow everyone who sees it.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum & Diamond Cluster Ring

Exquisite Fancy Yellow Diamond….. 



This exquisite fancy yellow round brilliant cut diamond is set in a gold four claw setting.


The centre stone is then surrounded by a halo cluster between two diamond set shoulders.

Stacking Rings

Rose Gold and White Gold Diamond Stacking Rings

Three beautifully sculpted 18ct rose gold rings
Each ring holds a brilliant cut diamond made perfect for stacking by the irregular sized stones.
The delicate 18ct white gold diamond ring is set with multiple diamonds gleaming to create a perfectly elegant offset.

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  • W&W Jewellery | Diamond Stacking Rings Gold
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  • W&W Jewellery | Diamond Stacking Rings Gold

Sapphire and Diamond Suite

Restoration and Remodelling of Inherited Stones

A family heirloom passed down through generations



These antique stones deserve to be paraded in the perfect platform.


With consistent and glamorous designs these brooches and earrings were transformed in to a set of earrings, a ring and a pearl snap choker.